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Prince Edward Island is one of the world’s great golf destinations. We offer an array of courses that rank among the best in Canada and Above the Bay B & B is close to Prince Edward Island’s top 3: BrudenellCrowbush and Dundarave.

Proprietors Chef Michael Smith and his wife Chastity Smith are proud to welcome you to their end of the island. For Michael, coming back to the Inn is a return to his roots as a chef. For seven years in the 1990’s, he led the kitchen, finding his culinary voice and bringing international fame to a sleepy country inn. For Chastity, being an innkeeper allows her to share her Maritime roots, stylish design flair and love of entertaining with you and your family. Together they’ve graciously re-launched the Inn with a brand new spirit of hospitality and their shared goal of becoming one of the world’s leading culinary tourism destinations.

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Fortune River Charters is a company dedicated to providing a unique experience in Prince Edward Island. Exploring the Fortune River and Fortune Bay in eastern PEI for a relaxing and calm tour of one of our historical waterways. Tours depart and return to the Inn of Bay Fortune dock co-located with Paddles on Fortune River.

Located at 342 Rte 310, Fortune Bridge, Prince Edward Island.

Email: fortunerivercharters@gmail.com or Phone: +1(902) 687-2800 for availability!


When Prince Edward Island’s railway was abandoned in 1989 Islanders were quick to notice a unique opportunity. The idea of a tip-to-tip shared use walking and cycling trail in the summer and a snowmobile trail in the winter was born. With beautiful rolling hill scenery, quaint villages and broad bay seascapes, the Confederation Trail is Prince Edward Island’s portion of the Trans Canada Trail.

The 445 kilometres of rolled stone dust trail has gentle gradients which never exceed 2% (up or down). This Island wide exploration corridor is ideal for visitors of all fitness levels. The Main Trail starts in Tignish at kilometre 0 and ends in Elmira at kilometre 273. Branch trails extend into the heart of Charlottetown and to the waterside communities of Souris, Georgetown, Montague, Wood Islands, Murray River and Murray Harbour, plus the link to the Confederation Bridge in Borden-Carleton. Along the trail, you will find a convenient selection of accommodations, food and services. Not all accommodations are directly on the trail and do require roadway travel. For safety concerns please check with the accommodation providers regarding distance. While exploring the trail, take advantage of the opportunity to discover the many charming villages along the way.

Tignish to O’Leary (45 km easy to moderate)
O’Leary to Wellington (45 km easy to moderate)
Wellington to Hunter River (65 km moderate to hard)
Hunter River to Morell (65 km moderate to hard)
Morell to Elmira (54 km moderate)
Branch Trails
Emerald to Borden-Carleton (18 km easy)
Cardigan Junction to Montague (10 km easy)
Royalty Junction to Charlottetown (8 km easy)
Mt. Stewart to Georgetown (39 km moderate)
New Harmony Junction to Souris (8 km easy)
Stratford to Murray Harbour (80 km moderate)
For more information > visit www.tourismpei.com/pei-confederation-trail

Basin Head Beach was named the top beach in Canada in 2015 by the Globe and Mail. Nicknamed, The Singing Sands, because if run your feet through its sand, it will actually sing! Really, we’re not kidding.  Though it seems magical, the singing is the result of the high silica content in the sand making it squeak underfoot when heated by the sun. And there’s plenty of sun! The beach is kilometers long with the whitest sand on the Island. A narrow channel running to a small inland pond divides Basin Head Beach. Depending on the tide, water in the channel can be fast moving, posing a hazard to swimmers. During the swimming season, a lifeguard is posted at the channel to keep those braver swimmers safe.

This beach is one of Prince Edward Island’s provincial parks and with that comes bathrooms and a canteen. Basin Head Provincial Park is home to a rare type of Irish Moss that can only be found within the area. That’s pretty rare! Because of the moss, Basin Head watershed was established as a Marine Protected Area. It is a supervised beach.

Location :Located off route 16, east of the town of Souris. Basin Head is a day use park featuring a supervised white sand beach, play area, food on site, washroom and shower facilities.

Wheel Chair Accessible : The park also features a beach mat that will allow access from the wharf to the water and a floating wheelchair. The floating wheelchair is available daily from 10 – 6 and is first come, first served. When surf conditions are at Caution or Danger the floating wheelchair is not be accessible.

Website : Click Here

Availability :  Supervised Beach from June 15 – September 30th

Escape into a truly unique landscape. Experience a sense of awe and serenity as you take in the towering parabolic dune system and pristine white sand beaches at Greenwich. The extensive trail system offers approachable hiking and cycling opportunities, a wheelchair accessible loop, a floating boardwalk, and interpretive panelling. Beachgoers discover a secluded expanse of soft sand and comfortable picnic areas, as well as supervised swimming.

The Greenwich Interpretation Centre, open June 10 to September 16, 2020, features interactive and multi-media displays that bring the region to life, highlighting evidence of 10,000 years of human history.

Location: (Greenwich) 59 Wild Rose Rd, off Rte 313
Community: St. Peters Area

Explore the wonders of Basin Head, from sand dunes to life in the lagoon. Learn through hands-on activities such as pulling a beach seine net to delve through mummichugs, sand shrimp, pipe fish and more. Eat a snack from seaweed you collect on the beach.

Phone:  902-687-4115

Email:  sourisareawildlife@gmail.com

Website:  www.souriswl.com

Availability:  July 4-Aug 31, 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, Tuesdays and Thursdays only

For many years Elmira Station served as the end of the line for Prince Edward Island’s railway. Today, displays of photographs, maps and artifacts, a recreated station master’s office and ladies’ waiting room recount the fascinating story of railroading on the Island.

Take a ride on our miniature railway. See the speeders and our trolley too.

Hike or bike along the scenic Confederation Trail through nearby woodlots and farmland converted from abandoned railway lines a number of years ago.

Hours of Operation

June | Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm

July and August | Open Daily from 9:30 am to 4:30pm

September | Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm

Take home a taste of the Island.

Unique ingredients produce one of a kind spirits. That’s why Prince Edward Distillery has made history… twice.  We are the producers of Canada’s first and only vodka distilled from potatoes, and we are the makers of Prince Edward Island’s first wild blueberry vodka.

Address: 9984 Route 16
Hermanville, Prince Edward Island
Canada COA 2BO
Phone: 1-902-687-2586

If you’re looking for a guided fishing experience that  leaves you hooked, then The Fly King is for you. Owner, Keith Roche is the only professional certified fishing guide in Kings County PEI. He’s been an avid fishing enthusiast for twenty-five.years. Grew up in Eastern PEI and been involved in fishing and wildlife his entire life. It is his firm belief that everyone should have the chance to enjoy this incredible experience we call fly fishing. It’s medicine for the mind, body and soul.

The fishing holes in Eastern PEI are probably one of our best kept secrets. Let the Fly King introduce you to some of the best fly fishing locations in Prince Edward Island. Land that trout or salmon you’ve been dreaming about.  The Fly King will fully outfit you for the experience.

If you are looking for a unique guided fishing adventure on Prince Edward Island, call or text at 902-327-3159.

North Lake Charters invites you to book and enjoy one of our PEI tuna charters for the exclusive giant bluefin, an experience of a lifetime in the waters of North Lake, (PEI) Prince Edward Island, Canada the “Tuna Capital of the World”.  North Lake Charters is one of the longest standing charter fishing companies in all of Canada.

Captain Bruce Keus, Captain Ross Keus and their father, Cor Keus, have over 60 years combined experience  fishing for bluefin tuna. The whole family have exciting fishing tales to be told and shared.  In Prince Edward Island, the fishery has an abundance of giant Bluefin tuna and the North Lake Charters captains have been able to feed schools of these  giants right beside the boat!

North Lake Charters not only operates out of PEI but has worked with divers and scientists from all over the world, including the National Geographic Society.  One diver described his excitement as being like “a kid in a candy store” and the scientists could not believe their eyes at the number of giant Bluefin they saw.

North Lake Charters will provide you an enjoyable and memorable fishing experience.  Not only does Cor Keus have over 40 years’ of fish tales to share with you, North Lake Charters has achieved multiple  world records, which have been recognized by the International Game Fish Association (IFGA).

North Lake Charters will give you one of the best fishing opportunity to break world records and achieve the dream of catching a Giant Bluefin.  In September 2011,  aboard our boat the North Lake Breeze, while on a fishing charter from California caught and released a giant bluefin that was 133 inches long with a girth of a full 100 inches and an estimated weight of 1662 pounds.  This giant fish is still swimming free, waiting to be caught by you and claimed as a new world record. Read More


Start a cycling tour from Naufrage Harbour to Cow River Beach learning about the local history, natural attractions and wildlife from a passionate local tour guide. On the beach you will get a hands-on interactive lesson on why PEI has red soil. While learning about the soil, you will use it to turn a white shirt to PEI clay red and take the shirt home with you.

Phone:  (902) 215-0029

Email:  peiredrock@gmail.com

Availability:  July 1 – September 1, 1/2 day experience

Our town is a special place to live, work and visit. Our Residents are very proud of what our community has to offer. As you will see when you come to our scenic town, we have the most beautiful views of the Northumberland Strait. With our red soil and soft sandy beaches, we guarantee you will want to stay.  Please come and meet the friendly folks in Souris and we will tell all about our Town.  #lobsterfishing #tunafishing #peipotatoes #seaglass #artsandculture #deliciousfood


Town of Souris Website

Come and explore all the beauty that St. Peter’s Bay has to offer. St. Peter’s has something for everyone, no matter what your age class or interests-there is an activity or an event for all.

There is always something interesting to see and do while visiting or staying in St. Peter’s Bay.



St Peter Bay Website

Myriad View Artisan Distillery Est. 2006


When our family first moved to the island in 2003 we soon found ourselves being invited to many social gatherings. At every event, from family reunions to weddings, wakes, births, deaths and everything in-between, homemade moonshine would make an appearance. It seemed every family had a still!
Coming from away, I naively asked if everyone drinks shine, why isn’t it available in the liquor stores. With hoots of laughter and a slap on the back people told me to try and see if it was possible. The idea was set. Three years later and with new legislation drafted around us to permit distilling on the Island, we opened our doors. 
With PEI having endured 48 years of Prohibition, we can’t claim to be the first makers of moonshine on the Island,  but we do claim to be the best!
Situated in Rollo Bay overlooking The Northumberland Strait.
With an ever-changing view that gave us our name.
The Myriad View. 

The Dunes has been featured in ‘East Coast Gardener’ Magazine!  Click here to read the article.

COME AND VISIT the Dunes Studio Gallery and Café and experience all it has to offer…
For a printable map with directions, click here.

The Gallery

SHOP in the Gallery, which features an extraordinary collection of fine Canadian craft – work from over fifty artisans, including:  fine woodworking, gold and silver jewelry, textiles, stained and blown glass, candles, baskets, preserves, soaps, books, etc.

The Studio

VISIT Peter Jansons and Joel Mills in the pottery studio to see works in progress and daily ongoing demonstrations.

The Restaurant

DINE on fresh local seafood and produce that has been masterfully prepared into sumptuous entrees by Chef Norman Day.  A full menu is also offered in the lounge and on the patio overlooking the gardens.  The Café is fully licensed and offers a wide selection of coffees and cocktails, fine wines and beers to suit any taste.

The Island Art Gallery

PERUSE the Island Art Gallery’s stunning collection of artwork from some of Prince Edward Island’s leading artists, including: Don Andrus, Clara Bierman, Brenda Bray, Veronica Brown, Elzbieta Borczynska, Trudy Callbeck, Ruth Cassidy, Susan Christensen, John Cox, Joan Creamer, Hugh Crosby, Wendell Dennis, Katherine Dewar, David Dickinson, Iris Ethridge, Nan Ferrier, Linda Fontaine, Karen Gallant, Greg Garand, Mel Giddings, Connie Goodine, Eleanor Jay, Betty Jenkins, Sandi Komst, Mike LeBlanc, Richard LePage, Stacy MacInnis, Kenneth MacIntosh, Laurie MacLean, Karl MacKeeman, Janet Mays, John McCoubrey, Margaret Muzika, Chris Merkley, Connie O’Brien, Julia Purcell, Henry Purdy, Sylvia Ridgeway, Mary Robertson, Nigel Roe, Ambika Gail Rutherford, Erika Rutherford, Susanna Rutherford, Sharon Smith, Lysette Sampson, Terry Shapiro, Julia Sarradet, Lynda Shalagan, Linda Shaw-Packard, Gail Sutherland, Christine Trainor, Lorraine Vatcher, Nika Vaughan, Shayli Vere, Richard Vickerson, Margaret Sutton-Wailes, Lindsay Walker and Donnah White.  On display are a variety of original works done in oil, acrylic, watercolour, and batik.  An assortment of prints is also available.

The Annex

DISCOVER the exotic treasures the Annex has to offer: Nash’s eclectic clothing designs for men and women, unique artifacts, handicrafts, wood carvings and jewelry that Peter and Nash have collected from their travels in Southeast Asia.  The gallery in the Annex features paintings by Prince Edward Island artists and fine art, furniture and home decor from abroad.  Look for Peter’s furniture designs as well.

The Gardens

EXPLORE the graceful elegance of The Dunes’ extensive gardens.  A host of annual and perennial beds produce a riot of exquisite summer colours set against a network of water gardens and fountains.  Our collection of classic and modern stone sculptures further ornament the scene and lend a sense of peaceful tranquility.

The Muse

RELAX amidst the serenity of The Muse’s Asian décor and lovely rooftop water-gardens.  Ascend the spiral staircase to the fourth floor lookout, which affords a breathtaking view of the sand dunes and the Gulf.


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Paddles on Fortune River


Stand-up Paddleboard, Kayak, and Double Kayak rentals on the calm and secluded Fortune River. Fortune River is an estuary with slow moving water that is more salt than fresh. It is the ideal location in Eastern PEI to paddle with 8 kms of waterway to explore.


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Unique handmade jewelery working with silk, stone, metal and glass. One of a kind wool art, needle felting, wool craft kits and on site workshops